7 Tips on how to get a raise

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1. Do a better job than is expected of you. One and all, the experts agree that this is the prime essential to ad­vancement. In other words, give more and you'll get more.

2. Make sure you do the job your boss wants done. As the personnel manager of one large firm says: "You can do the best job in the world, but if it's not the one your boss wants, he will find it upsetting."

3. Get along with your fellow workers and others with whom you come in contact. This is very important. Many times people work against themselves in terms of their personality — and, of course, they seldom realize that they're doing it.

4. Be sure your boss knows what you're accomplishing. Often when a fellow isn't appreciated, it's simply a mat­ter of lack of communication.

5. Be able to make decisions. This, according to the pres­ident of a job consultant firm, is a must. "You'd be surprised what a rare trait this is," he says. "Most peo­ple do just what they're told and pass all the decisions on to the next fellow."

6. Look for responsibilities beyond your present assign­ment. The manager of an executive recruiting firm strongly recommends this to the young person on the" way up. "A young tiger in the accounting department might say to her chief, "If you need any help in the credit union plan, just let me know." In from five to seven years, this expert predicts, "she'll be head of the plan."\

7. Study at night and keep well-informed. "It's also wise," adds another personnel officer, "to get involved in the community you live in. I don't mean just join­ing things, but really contributing your talents to the library, the hospital, and any good fund-raising project that comes along."

This man's own superior says, "Someday, somebody will say to you, "Joe, what are they paying you in your company? Well, why don't you come with us? We can do better than that for you."

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