8 ways to recession-proof your job

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[View FULL Article] (Fortune) -- First, let's not panic. True, payrolls shrunk by 17,000 in January. But at the same time, the Labor Department adjusted December's numbers upward, reporting that 82,000 new jobs were created that month - a far larger figure than the government's initial estimate of 18,000. Unemployment, now at 4.9%, is just 0.9% higher than the 4% level that economists consider "full employment" (meaning that everyone who wants a job has one).
Still, with the ripple effect of the mortgage mess still spreading, consumer spending in a sulk, and companies like Citigroup (C, Fortune 500) and Sprint Nextel (S, Fortune 500) announcing big layoffs, you'd be smart to start thinking about recession-proofing your job - or, failing that - devising a plan for landing on your feet somewhere else. Here's how:

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