Tips On How To Increase Your Flower Horns Head Or Hump Size

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Ever wonder how I can increase my flower horns head size? Well its not as hard as you think. The secret to making the head size huge and giving it a nice shape is feeding it with quality flowerhorn food. I am also using Angel Drops VITA. Its a vitamins for all tropical and ornamental fish. It promotes spawning, health, coloration. Helps in the water conditioning, increases vitality and the most important of all, it stimulates appetite. The quicker you fish increase its body mass, the bigger its head or hump becomes.

Another thing that I use is I put a picture of another flowerhorn outside of the fish tank. You may ask, what is that going to do? Well, flowerhorn is an aggressive fish. You cannot put 2 mature flowerhorns in the same aquarium or else it will fight. By putting an image of another flowerhorn, it excites the fish and it releases enzymes that will help in its coloration and will increase the flower horn's head size.

Try to put few guppies in the aquarium so that your flower horn will have something to chase or play. Oh and another thing, try to give him worms which you can buy in any pet shop. It has alot of proteins that will also become a big factor in increasing your flower horns head size.

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