Five Humane Ways to Increase Traffic Effectively

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High traffic is high income and that is common sense. You may find effective ways to increase your traffic from almost every blogger. Each of them has proven testimonies on how they effective they are, and you can also try it. Some bloggers even make experiments on their blogs to make it more attractive. But the big question is, are you being humane? Or just doing it for your self? If so, then I do not blame you. Blogging is an individual activity and all of us have different and unique purposes. But one thing is for sure, we do everything do increase our traffic. Since we all have the same agenda, I have some humane ways on how to do it:

Be yourself. If you are blogging like another person you cannot increase your traffic the way it should be. This is because although readers may not see it once, they will see it soon and they will not like it even if your topic is interesting to them. If you are just blogging about something that you think can bring you a lot of money, but not related to your character, then you will not succeed. You cannot earn good money from being somebody else.

Be ageless. If you post about a hot topic, you can surely feel the effect. People love hot issues, either they can learn from them or not. But the question is for how long will you feel it? Then on the next day, you find another controversial topic and the routine goes on and on. Consider this, post about a timeless and quality topic and you can still feel the effect even if you are already gone. Your article will go everywhere and you will be surprise to meet a new blogger thanking you for a very old post.

Be informative. Valuable information is what visitors need. Giving tips on how things are done properly and effectively is the best niche topic you can do. Although you can also blog about your feelings and personal journey in life, you must also include the valuable lessons you have learned. In this way, you are also giving away tips and people can learn from your past experiences, no matter how hard your life was. However, just make sure you tested the tips first before sharing them.

Be a smart spender. You can use money to earn more traffic and if you are smart enough, the money you spend will be doubled or even tripled. But how can you do that? First, avoid spending too much money. Instead, spend time in researching and evaluating what kind of strategy that is applicable to your capability and interest. Do not just believe when experts tell you that you will be rich if you follow his way. Note that you are a different person and you cannot do exactly what he did.

Be human. Please do not get me wrong; what I mean is to consider people first before search engines. Keywords help search engines to be attracted our blogs, but you must remember that it is still humans who created them. Moreover, you can still maximize your keywords to increase traffic if you treat your readers as humans like you. Being creative is the characteristic you should have in order to use your keywords repeatedly, and you can make your articles readable to humans and non-humans simultaneously.

Getting high traffic is not a burden to stop us from being humane. Actually, being a blogger can also make us be a better human being but only if we want to.

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