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This post is a showcase of all the Free Blogger XML templates designs I can find, I will continue to update this post if I can find more templates that are worth adding to this list of well designed blogger xml templates. If you know of a free blogger xml template that you would like me to add to this list, kindly comment below so that I can include it here. Hope this post will help you find the design suited for your blog.

Rotterdam Blogger Template
This templates is compatible with Blogger/Blogspot BETA platform.
I enjoy this clean, stylish theme of this template. Simple yet elegant. Template designed by PannaSmontata Templates
Demo Download

Glossy Blue Blogger Template
Mac OS interface design with mini icons.
Template designed by Black Quanta.
Demo Download

Andreas 02 XML Template
Some elements of the design has been altered for benefits of Blogger Beta templates. Template designed by
Demo Download

Semi Pro 2 BlogSpot Template
A dark version of Semipro.
Blogger template Semipro II designed by
Demo Download

Semipro New Blogger Template
With tabbed navigation and a web 2.0 feel.
Designed by Dzelque Demo Download

Yoghourt Blogger Template
This theme was originally a wordpress theme. Converted for blogger.
Converted by
Demo Download

Plantilla Blogy-Styleicious Template For New Blogger
This fresh and pastel theme was converted from a Wordpress theme by Blog and Web.
Demo Download

iWork, Template For New Blogger
Elegant yet slick template! Converted from the original Wordpress theme by Jackbook.
Demo Download

Home Sweet Home, Template For New Blogger
Clean & unique theme with a combination of black and white.
Template designed by Template Panic.
Demo Download

Neon Neon New Blogger Template
This template displays alot of curves and swirls, not to mention the blend of colors.
Template design by Blog and Web
Demo Download

Blogy-Tierra Blog Template
Organic theme combined with an earthly look is how I descibe this blog template. Template design design by Blog and Web
Demo Download

Rosa Blogspot XML Template
A simple two column blog with an abstract header!
Template designed by Blog and Web.
Demo Download

Super Custom Template
Users can change almost all background and font colors for each section.
Template designed by Blogger Buster.
Demo Download (XML file)

Fluid Width Three Column
Includes navigation links in the header section, and is optimized for search engines. Designed by Vin of Beta Blogger for Dummies, Demo Download

Gourmet Menu Restaurant Template for New Blogger
If you are looking for aRestaurant Template, this is the right theme for you. Template designed by Blogger Buster
Demo Download

Compaq New Blogger Template (XML)
1 Column, Fixed Width, Fixed Background. Best quality (IE & Firefox), only for more than 1024*728 Resolutions
Demo Download

Firefox 2 New Blogger Template (XML)
2 Column, Fixed Width, Editable
Best quality (IE & Firefox) all Size and Resolutions
Demo Download

Sweet Dreams 3 Column Blogger Template
Sweet Dreams template with the addition of a second sidebar to the left of the main column.
Demo Download

Provincia Free Blogger XML Template
A bright and shiny style theme by Blog and Web.
Demo Download

Cat Crazy BlogSpot XML Template
3 column cat lover template designed by Fresh Blogger Templates.
Demo Download

Blogger Template - Magic Paper
Gothic and stylist blog template. Template designed by Blog Crowds.
Demo Download

Neosapien Blogger Clean Layout Template
Clean and original template by Blog and Web.
Demo Download

Free Download Paper Border Blogger Template
Ripped paper effect on the border of the page. Simple, fresh and blue!
Designed by Template Panic. Demo Download

Sandpress Template for New Blogger Download Free
Professional gray blog template, converted for Blogger by Zona Cerebral. Demo Download

Blogy Zen Free Blogger Template
Professional looking template from Blog and Web.
Demo Download

Gemstone XML template for New Blogger Beta Layout
You can add widgets in sidebar, and links in top-menu, directly in your "Page Elements" panel. You need no HTML skills to use them
Demo Download

Mushblue XML Blogspot Template Layout
Another great Wordpress conversion by Jackbook for Blogger.
Demo Download

Fluid Solution Wordpress Template Converted To Blogger
This template will stretch to fit the width of your browser. Its scaleable!
Converted to Blogger by Jackbook
Demo Download

Black & Red Glow Template
Reminds me of a star wars inspired template for blogger. Originally was a Wordpress template converted by Jack Book for Blogger Beta.
Demo Download

Buy iPod XML New Beta Blogger (BlogSpot) Layout
Great overall layout with a touch of techie feel! Created by Jackbook.
Demo Download

Flower Girl Free Blogger / Blogspot XML skin / template
This theme features a built in RSS Feed and full support for drag and drop sidebar widgets.

Hobbit Blog Template for Beta Blogger XML Layout
If you are a Hobbit fanatic, this template is for you! Template by Hans of Beautiful Beta. Read more and download

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