Useful Tips On Blogging

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Here is my list of useful tips on blogging based on what I have learned from blogging through the years

1. Blog about a subject you love
2. Use descriptive titles in your blog
3. Make short but concise blog post
4. Buy your own domain so that your readers wont have a hard time remembering your url
5. Customize your blog template to fit what you are blogging about
6. Post at least 2-3 times a day if your schedule permits, once a day is fine too.
7. Enable comments on your blog so that your readers can give their feedbacks
8. Read and reply to blog comments
9. Enable Haloscan trackbacks on your blog
10. Leave trackbacks on other blogs
11. Allow readers to subscribe by email
12. Use Feedburner for your rss
13. Redirect your blog feeds through Feedburner
14. Try to encourage your readers to subscribe to your feed
15. Put a link in your signature on emails and in forums
16. Comments on other blogs and leave signature
17. Use Stumbleupon
18. Always quote your sources!
19. Use readable fonts
20. Do not infringe copyright!
21. Proof read your post
22. Use Technorati
23. Make timeless posts
24. Have an RSS subscription icon on every article post
25. Link exchange with other blogs that have similar blog subject
26. Don't write duplicate posts
27. Encourage your visitors to post comments
28. Tweak your blog to make it SEO friendly
29. Add Guestbook
30. Tell your family/ friends/ colleagues about your blog
31. Promote your blog offline as well as online
32. Add Search functionality to your blog
33. Use Blog Labels wisely
34. Organize your blog so that your readers won't have a hard time
35. Encourage your visitors to give their opinion through commenting
36. Learn the basics of HTML
37. Learn the basics of CSS
38. Learn how to customize your blog code template
40. Add "Related Articles" at the bottom of your post to encourage visitors to read more
41. Become an expert on your chosen subject
43. Be consistent
44. Use Google Analytics service to monitor your website visitors statistics
45. Invite people that are expert on your chosen subject to do a guest post
46. Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes
47. Use blog post title effectively
48. Use Technorati
49. Read
50. Advertize your blog in your MySpace/Friendster/ Squiboo accounts
51. Guest post with other blogs that have similar subject as yours
52. Break huge post into several post
53. "Ping" sites when you update
54. Create a link to your profile
55. Be patient
56. Create somekind of a gimmick e.g. "contest", "prize"
57. Join forums
58. Join myBlogLog

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