Tips On Increasing Comments On Your Blog

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[View FULL Article] * Write on controversial topics/ debatable topics
Write about Britney or Barack Obama. Or about how Twitter is stupid. Get the point? Pull in people to write comments. You have the risk of spoiling your reputation but everybody would appreciate your efforts later.

* Leave room for discussion
Always end your articles without a conclusion. Give the reader two or more options, let him select his choice. And leaving room for discussion is always a good way to ensure that people start commenting.

* Ask questions
This applies to people who already have a following. Ask your readers an interesting question. They will respond for sure. But make sure you don’t keep mum after asking the question. Write back to them as well. They’ll appreciate it.

* Reward commenters
You could reward them in many ways. Either give away goodies/cash to frequent and top commenters on your blog on a weekly basis or gift them a surprise link in one of your recent posts. I prefer the second way. Make it a point to read your commenters blogs and respond to one of his articles through your post. Post a link to it. He’d be happy.

* Comment on other blogs
A very easy thing to do. The principle is - do things proactively to others what you want them to do to you. So comment on other blogs that you think has relevant content. Write authority comments that are relevant. You will grab the webmasters attention and he’ll ultimately notice you.

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