10 Tips On How To Make Effective Decisions

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1. Don't ask others to make decisions for you. Effective decision making is a do-it-yourself project.

2. Surround yourself with the facts. Look for distorted facts; weed them out.

3. Argue the pros and cons. Know what you are getting into. See the consequences of your final decision. Once you've made your decision and acted on it, forget about it. Don't worry about the outcome.

4. Don't let people become hostile when discussing prob­lems that require an important decision. Clear think­ing is the answer, not heated arguments and temper tantrums.

5. Use the L. B. J. method. Persuade others to see your point of view, don't try to browbeat them into accept­ing it. You might win the point but lose the battle.

6. Never make important decisions when you are angry, ill or in any way emotionally disturbed. Never answer a letter while you are in this frame of mind.

7. Put your problems in writing.

8. Turn your problem over to your subconscious mind. Re­peat "solution" throughout your day. Know that your subconscious has the answer and will reveal it to you.

9. Visualize the outcome of your problem. Picture it in your mind's eye as you want it to be.

10. Never compromise your ideals or allow others to men­tally blackmail you into making decisions you know are wrong. Stand up for your right of free thought.

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