The Facts About AdSense

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[View FULL Article] 1. You make automatic money with AdSense.
Small as well as large websites can get AdSense ads on them. Whenever someone clicks on an ad on your site, you get paid.

2. Content-targeting technology means AdSense ads are relevant to your site's traffic.
Google uses automatic content-targeting technology to select what ads will appear on your site.

3. Google sells your advertising space for you.
Google has a massive network of over 200,000 advertisers using its AdWords advertising system and when AdWords ads appear on your site they are called AdSense.

4. You can maximize your AdSense profits if you understand how the program works in detail.
AdSense is underpinned by Google's AdWords system and in short, if you know how to get high paying AdWords ads on your site, you will get ads on your site that pay you a lot per click.

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