4 Basic Tips On When You Should Call A Doctor

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Deciding whether to consult a doctor or not when a member of the family is sick is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Postponing a visit to the doctor to save money could worsen the ailment and make it more expensive to treat. Failure to consult a doctor in time might even cause the death of the sick family member.

Whenever there is a bad accident or a frightening sudden illness, the need for a doctor is obvious. But more often than not, we are reluctant to consult a doctor because the symptoms or signs do not seem serious enough to warrant the services of a doctor.

1. One good rule to follow: any unusual or unexplained condition or body change, no matter'how slight, should be looked into by a doctor if it persists or lasts for a long -time or recurs or becomes worse after the usual treatment. It takes a trained person to make a diagnosis and when danger signals do occur, but may not look serious enough to an ordinary person. Time is often vital.

The time to consult a doctor is not when one is already very ill but when symptoms and signs, still mild but cannot be explained, last for some time or occur again and again

Among the symptoms and signs to watch for, are:

a. Sudden high fever without any apparent cause; fever that lasts for more than three days even after the usual treatment; and fever that recurs. Fever is a symptom, not a disease. The common practice of giving aspirin to children whenever they have fever should be discouraged. Even aspirin and other painkillers should not be given to a child without consulting a doctor first.

b. Aches and pains that cannot be explained. A severe pain sends everyone to a doctor but minor aches and pains are often neglected even if they persist and cause discomfort to the sufferers. A doctor should ' be consulted even for headaches that often occur without any apparent reason. There is no reason to worry about a headache when you know that you get one every time you are hungry or lack sleep:
but when you have a headache several times each day and you do not know why, it is time to see a doctor.

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