4 Lifesaving Tips For The Desperate

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1. If you find yourself down in the valley, remember s that the next sets of your journey must of necessity lead you up the mountain, possibly even to the top. No matter how far we slide, there comes a time when we want to climb back up again.

2. Never keep your troubles to yourself. Let go to a sym? pathetic friend. This sort of mental catharsis will do you good. Explaining to another how you feel will" help you obtain a perspective of yourself. In other words, it will get you outside yourself so you can see yourself objectively. It may even aid you in appre­ciating how much you have been exaggerating your misfortunes.

3. Your life, what you think of it, what to do with it, depends not so much on what is but rather upon your reactions to it. In short, life is primarily a point of view. A rainy day depresses most people but the girl who was offered the shelter of an umbrella on a rainy day by a man she subsequently married thinks rain is , about the most wonderful thing in the world. Reality — what happens in the world outside of you and over which you have precious little control — is one thing; the way you look at reality is quite another.

4. Finally, ask yourself if "getting down" has taught you anything? If, thereby, you have learned to conserve your resources, your health and strength, or if it has made you more practical and given you more common sense, or if it has made you feel more tolerant, under­standing and forgiving of others, or if in other way it

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