Dating and Seduction Tips in the Movie "School for Scoundrels"

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[View FULL Article] The movie "School for Scoundrels" is about turning a 'loser' into a self assured, confident man. So he can easily succeed with women for dating and as a seducer.

The particular view of the world used by the teacher of the art of dating and seduction, is one of being in a highly competitive world where there are only 2 types on men...

Those who run shit
Those who eat shit

"How to get Women from the Bar to Your Bed", and could very well have read, how to meet and attract women...

1. Be Dangerous, It's cool.

2. No Compliments. EVER.

3. Always Get the Girl Alone.

4. Wherever You Are, The Place is 'Lame'

5. Relate to her/Parallel her Views.

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Dating and Seduction Tips in the Movie "School for Scoundrels" - Related Tips / Tricks / Hacks

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