SEO Easy Guide For Newbie Bloggers

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Think of your main search phrase you would like results for i.e. "painter and decorator in Yorkshire" and try this phrase in Google to find out what competition you are up against if the competition is massive try "painter & decorator in Leeds" this narrows down your area (For non UK readers Leeds is a city in Yorkshire UK)

Place keywords in 5 areas of your site.

1. Meta Tag Keywords
2. Meta Tag Description
3. Meta Tag Page Title
4. The Alt Tag in Images
5. The Body Of The Page

For this example the main keywords would be painter, decorator, leeds and you must try to keep these together in the 4 areas mentioned above so.

It would also be wise at this stage to mention another great way to increase traffic and that is by using Back Links.

Back links are basically links to your site from somebody else’s but it pays to get them right.

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