How to Hide Cigarette Odors

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[View FULL Article] Cigarette odors can be be difficult or hide or remove, but there are several things that can help. The best part? Most are natural or inexpensive.

Things You'll Need
white vinegar
baking soda
lemon, lime, or orange

Step One
To hide odor in homes/vehicles:
Place a bowl of vinegar in room or car to remove cigarette odor from the air. Vinegar can also be used to wipe down walls and dashboards which can absorb odors. A bowl of baking soda will also remove odors from air.

Step Two
Chew fresh parsley or fresh mint to freshen breath. Breath mints and mouth wash can also help to mask cigarette odor.

Step Three
Spray clothing with Febreze to remove odor. Febreze will freshen all types of fabric. Use on curtains, couches, rugs, and mattresses.

Step Four
To remove odor from hands:
Rub hands with a piece of lemon, lime, or orange to nutrilize odors.
Wash hands with soap and water, then rinse hands with white vinegar

But best of all quit smoking!

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