5 Tips On What To Do When Things Get You Down

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1. When you feel depressed because of negative circum­stance and your thoughts are negative, reverse them and project thoughts of what you most want to happen in your life. Experience now the happiness, love, peace and joy you desire. Jump up, shout it to the roof tops and ppur enthusiasm into your desire for a happier life. This sudden rush of energy will dissolve your mental inertia and feelings of depression.

2. If you desire more friends, if. you want more people to be around you, to admire you and to love you, then the very next person you speak to, greet with enthusiasm. Show to others the admiration and love you seek.

3. Act like an enthusiastic person. Get on fire. Project a sparkling personality that marks you as a dynamic per­son. Act enthusiastically toward everything and you.'U be marked as an enthusiastic person.

4. Lethargy pyramids, so does enthusiasm. Don't be le­thargic in the morning, enthusiastic at noon and lethar­gic again in the evening. Jump out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm for 'what's ahead' and stay that' •way until you retire.

5. Associate with enthusiastic people. They'll influence your life in like manner. Enthusiastic people are the now people. They are cheerful, happy, zestful. Enthusiastic people will inspire you to achieve greater things in life. Make friends .with enthusiastic people. They are excellent mental pick-me-ups. When you are around them, their enthusiasm won't allow for lone­liness or fits of depression.

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