10 Tips To Beat The Blues

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1. Have a good cry. It is therapeutic to vent your emo­tions by giving way to grief and accepting comfort from others.

2. Be good to yourself. The lady who buys a new hat when she is feeling blue has the right idea.

3. Plan a course of action to solve your problems, and fol­low it until you see improvement.

4. If despite all your efforts you continue to suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety, heavy drinking or thoughts or suicide, ask your local hospital or medical board for the name of a reputable psychiatrist or low-cost mental health clinic and begin therapy.

5. Realize you are not alone. Almost everyone at some time in his or her life has had to fight off depression.

6. If you are religious, seek the help of your clergyman. Tell him your problem. Confession is good for the soul and mind.

7. Follow a course of regular physical exercise, even if it's just enjoying a brisk walk through the park.

8. Break the habit of isolating yourself by renewing an interest in something you used to enjoy — movies, music or whatever.

9. Be a joiner, but be sure you join organizations in which you have a sincere interest. There you will meet new friends with similar interests.

10. Write down your dreams and try to interpret them your­self. Dreams are an attempt at problem solving. If they remain a mystery to you, consult a qualified analyst and let him help you find what your innermost self trying to express.

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