10 Tips On What You Should Know About Cosmic Law

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1. Energy — The force behind life is energy. There is always an abundance of energy at your disposal to com­plete every task regardless of how "down" you may feel. You can change sluggish energy for vigorous energy, by calling upon your reserves of energy stored within your system.

2. Attraction — In picturing the end result of a goal, the means to the end is created in your subconscious mind. Attract the means to accomplish the end result by feed­ing the subconscious definite thoughts of what you waht in life. Picture yourself in the role you wish to play and affirm in your mind that you are capable of success.

3. Opposites — Everything has its pair of opposites. All opposites are the same in nature but differ by degree:
sickness and health, poverty and wealth, good and evil, etc. Whatever you experience in life has its better side. Therefore, you can expect to experience sunshine following rain, happiness following loneliness, etc.

4. Vibration — All things in this universe are in constant motion. Everything vibrates. Electrical vibrations ema­nating from the brain in the form of thoughts, can be picked up and read by highly sensitive mediums. Mental telepathy is within the reach of those whose minds are trained in this direction. If you are feeling "blue", you are projecting negative vibrations. Others are able to "sense" your negative or affirmative vibrations.

5. Gender—Two things produced a third. Thought forms created in the conscious mind and passed to the sub­conscious, manifest in physical form at some future time. Good thoughts manifest good conditions; nega­tive thoughts, negative conditions.

6. Rhythm — Everything is in perfect balance and rhythm in the universe. When negative conditions control your everyday affairs, you are out of balance with life around you. An affirmative thought pattern keeps your emotions in balance.

7. Cause and Effect — There is no such thing as "chance." Whatever you sow in life you also reap. For every cause, there is always a corresponding effect.

8. Relativity — There is a direct relationship between the thoughts we think and the acts we perform. Look at your thoughts; check them before they become mani­fest as outer circumstance in your life. See situations as they really are — in true perspective —- rather than as they appear to be. .

9. Gravitation — Use this principle to attract the good things of life. Establish a mental picture of yourself as a "center", toward which health, happiness, riches gravitate. Your center of gravity will be strong if your consciousness pattern is an affirmative one.

10. Mind — If you desire peace of mind, health and pros­perity, you will get it if you apply the law of mind which is belief. You win success by believing you can succeed. Your life is guided by what you believe to be true about yourself, things and other people. Be­lief is the power behind all great accomplishment.

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