17 Tips On How To Get The Most From Fruits And Vegetables

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1. Use fruits and vegetables that are in season. They are more economical, and because they are still fresh, also more nutritious and better in flavor.

2. Handle fruits and vegetables with care to avoid bruising them.

3. Choose the ones without signs of decay, wilt and worm injury.

1. Wash fruits and vegetables before peeling, cutting, or slicing.

2. Use soap and running water to wash tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables that have to be eaten raw.

3. Cut or slice fruits and vegetables just before cooking.

4. Peel fruits and vegetables as thinly as possible.

5. Sprinkle calamansi or pineapple juice over cut or sliced bananas or apples to prevent browning.

6. Avoid squeezing vegetables such as labanos, ampalaya, etc. and or soaking them in water to remove bitter­ness or unpleasant taste.

1. Serve vegetables as soon as they are cooked.

2. Serve fruits and vegetables hot if cooked and cold, if

1. Wash all fruits with soap and running water before storing.

2. Keep root vegetables in a cool dry place.

3. Discard decayed fruits and vegetables to prevent conta­mination.

1. Cook vegetables quickly in covered containers until they are just tender — not mushy.

2. As much as possible, avoid stirring vegetables during cooking.

3. Utilize the water in which vegetables have been cooked for soup or sauces.

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