10 Tips On How To Cut Costs For A Happier Christmas

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1. Trim your Christmas card list to save on greetings and postage.

2. Make your own cards.

3. Don't buy "bargain" pacts of gift wrap and ribbon without reading the label to see how many feet you are paying for.

4. Make some of your own gifts. The thought that goes into something knitted, sewn, cooked or baked is al­ways appreciated.

5. Give a gift of service. How about baby sitting for a young mother or doing the marketing for an older friend or relative? A home made "gift certificate" will explain your offer.

6. Get together with other members of the family and give a group gift. For example, by going together with your brothers and sisters, you can get your parents some­thing special.

7. Instead of individual gifts, consider one present for an entire family maybe a magazine subscription or a se­lection of fruits and cheeses.

8. Conserve energy, even if your house is aglow with lights. Two-hundred-and-fifty midget tree lights use less elec­tricity than a 100-watt bulb. Twinkle lights use even less.

9. Don't carry a lot of cash on your shopping trips. And keep a tight grip on your wallet or purse. Remember; this is a busy season for thieves, too.

10. If you use credit cards, keep track of what you've spent, just as you would with cash. Keep these cost-cutters in mind and you may have the merriest Christmas yet.

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