Adding a Breadcrumb Trail to your Blogger Post

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[View FULL Article] Have you ever experienced after searching and googling to a comprehensive website, then lose track of where you are, and what you are really looking for? I did, many times. To quote a page on the Yahoo's Design Pattern Library: "When the page displayed is within a hierarchy of pages and is not the topmost page," the reader needs some sort of "understanding of where she is in relation to the rest of the site."

The breadcrumb trail at the top of a post provides a nice solution to this problem. In a breadcrumb, you can always click on the label/category before it, or click the "Home" link to go back to the front page. More importantly, the user knows where she is, something that other navigation widgets such as the out-of-the box label, or my previous "tab hack" are not able to address (yet.)

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