Tips On How To Attract More Visitors By Submitting to Blog Directories

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Do you want to attract more visitors to your blog? You need to submit it to Blog URL or RSS Feeds. Its one way of advertising your blog to the internet community. Try also to check your web analytics before you submit to these directories and after so that you will have an idea on the effectiveness of this campaign.


1. Before you can place you link in some of these directories, they may require you to register first. Try to create a separate email address for your blog and not point them all into one mailbox. There is a good reason for this. I will explain later.

2. If you were ask for your RSS Feed URL, for blogs, its

3. Some of these Blog Directories will also require a reciprocal link, the “Reciprocal Link URL” is the main page where you will be putting a link to their blog directory. Usually it will be your home blog url.

Traffic Exchange Sites

1. Technorati
2. Wikablog
3. Fuel My Blog
4. Blogtoplist
5. Mybloggingarea
6. Topblogarea
7. Blogflare
8. Topblogging
9. Blogroll
10. Worldtopblogs
11. Blogvillage
12. Blogelites
13. Myblogdirectory
14. Blogcatalog
15. Blogarama
16. Blogion
17. Blogsrater
18. Bloggeries
19. Bloghop
20. Bloggingfusion
21. Blog-search
22. Blogpoint
23. Blogs-collection
24. Globeofblogs
25. Blogoriffic
26. Blogflux
27. Blogsearch
28. Bloghub
30. Findingblogs
31. Bloggernity
32. Bloggernow
33. Weblog-index
34. 5starblogs
35. Getblogs
36. Blogtree
37. eBlogzilla
38. Search4Blogs
39. Bloggerforum
40. BloggerTalk
41. LSblogs

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