10 Tips On How To Minimize Bites Of Bees

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1. Wear your beekeeping outfit.

2. Learn to walk and move quietly, slowly and gently when near the hive.

3. Make your visit to the hives between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the greatest number of the worker bees are out in the fields.

4. Choose a bright sunny day. Bees are often in an ill humor on cool, wet or overcast days; they do not fly in large numbers foraging for nectar but frequently sulk near the hive.

5. Never make a slapping motion at a bee flying near you. This gesture infuriates bees. The offended bee you have threatened may let out a yell of anger that will bring hundreds of others to the scene to her defense.

6. Make sure your clothes and person are free of odors of any kind.

7. Avoid breathing on. your bees when you bend over the hive, since the slightest odor may disturb them.

8. Take care not to pinch or injure a bee while manipula­ting the hive. The entire colony may think it neces­sary to rescue her and drive you away.

9. Use your smoker when you anticipate trouble. This will lull and quiet the bees.

10. If you feel calm, your presence is less likely to disturb the bees. Always act as if you do, and set a good ex­ample.

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