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Slide 1: Blogging Ideas A presentation by AnnaLaura Brown of

Slide 2: • Are you wanting to write a blog but struggling to come up with any ideas? • Here are some things to consider before you begin writing. • 1. What are you hobbies and passions? • 2. Do you have a business? If so what about writing a blog on a topic related to your business. • 3. What job do you currently have? or what jobs have you had in the past? • 4. What is your religion?

Slide 3: • 5. Where do you live? • 6. About what topics do you love to read? write ? or talk about? • 7. Have you traveled? If so what about writing a blog specific to your travels or to a certain country? • 8. Have you had any unique experiences? What about writing about these on a blog. • 9. What are your talents? You could do a blog around one of these and offer advice, tips and tutorials as a kind of how to blog for others to learn something from you.

Slide 4: • 10. Your life, create a blog based on your own personal experiences • 11. Your pets or favorite animals. These make great blogs and people love to read these. • 12. What issues do you follow in the news or do you feel strongly about. People love to read well written opinionated blogs. • 13. Where did you go to school? You could create a blog specifically on your alma matter and attract school alumni and future attendees to it.

Slide 5: • Before you begin any kind of blog however, it is important to keep a few things in mind. • First, any blog you write must be updated at least once a week in order to have a decent following. Blogs must be current in order to be interesting to the general public. • Second, choose a topic about which you can continue to write and write and write for a long time. The longer and more detailed it is the better. • Third, remember that everyone online can read it, so avoid using too many personal details.

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