9 essential things everyone should know about email

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[View FULL Article] 1. Anyone can send email to anyone pretending to be from anyone elseAnyone can do this by simply changing the email address listed in their email application account settings. If you ever receive a strange, uncharacteristic or upsetting email from someone, keep in mind it is possible they didn't actually send it. Follow up with a phone call if unsure.

2. Email is not guaranteed to arrive quickly or at allThere are a number of reasons why email might be delayed or not delivered, and sometimes you may not be notified. It's always a good idea to follow up important emails with a phone call if you do not receive an expected reply. Here are a couple of reasons why email might not get through:
Servers under attack - Occasionally malicious people deliberately attack the computers that run the Internet (DNS and mail servers) which can disrupt email service.
SPAM filtering can silently stop messages being received with no notice to either party. Any email you send is not guaranteed to get past junk mail filters, and sometimes you don't even need to use words like "viagra" to have your message blocked.

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