Three Things you Can Do to Cut your Monthly Bill

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[View FULL Article] Tackle the power of SMS
You might not know about it but your phone may have paging capability. The "Short Message Service" (SMS), is almost unknown in Americas, but it is extremely popular in Europe and Asia. People prefer to use it partly because it costs less. Some service providers only charge 10 cents per message received while some others let you use that service free of charge! Find out more about SMS in my special SMS section and look for service plans that include messaging, paging or SMS capability in my guides to cellular service plans.

If you find out that your phone can receive numeric messages, email all your friends with a direct link to your provider's messaging page (most of them have one) where they will easily go each time they want to send you a brief message.

... or use the free numeric pager you did not suspect in your phone
Does your service provider offer free caller ID with each plan? If so, you have a numeric pager! And it's time to use it when people try to call you on your cell phone when you're actually home.

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