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[View FULL Article] Run out of ideas for your latest post? Can’t think of anything awesome to publish? Try social news aggregators. These websites are very helpful mashups of relevant feeds from popular blogs, news sources as well as social websites like Digg, Reddit, YouTube and

Most of the content on news aggregators are freshly pulled from a wide variety of sources and can be a fountain of inspiration for anyone who is tired of blogging about the same things everyday.

In this article, I’ve made a list of several social news aggregators and meme trackers you can use to generate fresh and relevant content for your blog.

How do I use Social News Aggregators to create content for my niche?

Most news aggregators and meme trackers have search bars so this is the first place you want to start.

Doing a search for keywords relevant to your blog is the fastest way to come up with content ideas and it also has the added benefit of preventing you from being distracted by other material.

If you don’t have anything in mind, try looking at the most popular or latest news sections to see if anything suits your fancy.

Some news aggregators group related blog entries together under a specific topic so pick a topic you want, visit the other blogs and reference them by sending a trackback.

This allows you to get involved in the conversation and might win you some new readers as well. Just remember to add your own original take on the article so you won’t be contributing to the echo chamber.

Dosh Dosh’s Top 10 Social News Aggregators and Meme Trackers

The first five websites are what I consider to be some of the better news aggregators out there.

I haven’t used the other five websites as much because of either usability or information issues: They either have limited user features or don’t seem to track information as well as the first five.

If you don’t have time to check out the entire list, go with the first five.. they’ll provide you with more than enough news and content ideas.

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