8 Tips On Disciplining Your Child

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1. Make only necessary rules.

2. Make sure the child understands what is required of him.

3. Be consistent but not inflexible, recognizing the excep­tional occasion when a rule may be broken.

4. Respect the child's feelings and avoid limits that will humiliate or embarrass. A child who is consistently made to feel worthless will come to believe he is worth­less and be afraid to use his initiative.

5. Give an explanation, when possible, so that he may un­derstand the reason for the demand.

6. Give the child enough time. When possible, a word of warning pays dividends.

7. Try to set limits in such a way that the child knows it is behaviour being limited, not love for him.

8. Make sure he has constructive things to do .and legiti­mate outlets.

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