Twelve Tips for a Happy Child

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[View FULL Article] First, become aware that energy flows where we place our attention. So let us look at how we can help our children. Here are a few tips not in any special order.

1. Children learn the most from what they see. By the time the typical American child is 12 they would have easily witnessed over 10,000 - 12,000 deaths and other violent acts. Does your child play violent video games or like to fight or goes overboard to please their peers at the expense of healthy self-esteem?
2. Be the best example of an adult. Work on your own stuff. Children are smart. You can’t tell them one thing and do another. Grow yourself up so that you can truly be there for them.
3. Teach your child how to handle adversity. Teach them the value of being calm. Help them to learn that inside of them is the power to overcome adversity. Help them to develop the ability to bounce back.
4. Give them spiritual grounding, with a solid foundation this will help them to have strength of character.
5. Prepare cooked food. Cooking methods impart particular quality to the food. Use slow methods such as simmering, roasting, baking even if it is only once a week when you can find the time. The food will impart a stable, calm energy. This will also help to decrease cravings for junk food items.
6. Remove electrical equipment from the bedroom, televisions, stereos and computers. This will help to foster a good nights sleep and establish the bedroom as a place for regeneration.
7. Learn a touch therapy, so you can do a simple massage for your child. If many is a problem just close your eyes and ask for inner guidance and gently rub, soothe and knead your child.
8. Hug.
9. Allow some time to talk and give your child your attention. That means you aren’t driving in the car, watching television or listening to the radio. Going to the movies together doesn’t count.
10. See to it that your child connects to nature. Walk together as a family. Just be in nature for its soothing effects.
11. While things can be difficult raising a child, constantly “see” things resolving themselves in a harmonious way.
12. Avoid intoxicating your child with risky medications. Learn, study, call on the Creator, do whatever you have to do, there are many roads to real healing that do not have serious side-effects, discover them.

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