10 Tips On How To Help The "SLOW-LEARNER" Kids

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If you feel you have one in your family, here are a few important guidelines you might follow:

1. Listen to what teachers tell you about him. They can usually be more objective than you are.

2. Try to face the fact that he really is slower thaftr his classmates and his brothers and sisters.

3. Recognize that he is not headed for a successful college career.

4. Realize that being either overly indulgent or hostile toward him won't eliminate his limitations.

5. Feel good about his achievements; put an accent on his assets.

6. Try to understand that his need for guidance, planning, and your support and stimulation is the same as your other children require — but perhaps earlier and more.

7. Keep in mind that the "cold world" is one he too will have to live in, so sheltering him won't pay off.

8. Remember that the major goal of parenthood is cutting the "silver cord" that binds our children to us. Self-sufficiency is especially important for him.

9. Recognize that how and what he learns may be differ­ent from the rate, manner and content of others, so more repetition, demonstration and particularly patience may be needed.

10. Support any school efforts to get away from competitive graded report cards that so often leave slow learners with the feeling they can't do anything right.

If you can bring yourself to recognize how much he is able to accomplish, give him credit for what he does well, and cooperate closely with his school to set up a program appropriate to his needs, you can help reduce the possible stigma of being an "island child."

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