Fourteen Ways To Avoid Plant Poisoning

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[View FULL Article] The amount of poison in a plant tends to vary with location, age of plant, season, weather conditions. In some plants, the toxin is confined only to certain parts. Additionally, plants normally considered non toxic may have been treated with an insecticide, making them toxic. The following plants may cause toxic symptoms when ingested. Included are plants which may cause dermatitis when handled.

Fourteen Ways To Avoid Plant Poisoning
1. Become familiar with the dangerous plants in your area, yard and home. Know them by sight and name.
2. Do not eat wild plants and mushrooms.
3. Keep plants, seeds, fruits, and bulbs away from children.
4. Teach children at an early age to keep plants and plant parts out of their mouths. Make them aware of the potential danger of poisonous plants.

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