Tips On How To Get Rich Without Winning The Lottery

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Tips On How To Get Rich Without Winning The Lottery Slideshow Transcript

Slide 1: HOW TO GET RICH WITHOUT WINNING THE LOTTERY Simple Methods to Get Rich, Retire Wealthy, and ► Have the Time of Your Life! How people create fortunes without leaving their jobs! ► ► How you can retire 20 years early! How to fire your boss and enjoy Monday mornings and take a FREE vacation EVERY YEAR! ►

Slide 2: Can you really be rich, retire wealthy and have the time of your life? Yes! And it doesn’t matter if you are a rocket scientist, a taxi driver, a fisherman, a bank teller or even a backpacking bungy jumper. Anyone can be rich, retire wealthy, and have the time of his life by using some common sense ideas. ► I’ll show you a really short course on becoming rich.

Slide 3: Spend Less Than You Earn – Invest The Difference. ► Thisis the only way you can accumulate the money for your investment fund. ► Your Money can’t work for you if you don’t have any money to put into work. “Savings 65 cents a day in pocket change will add up to tens of thousands of dollars over time”

Slide 4: Use A Part-Time Job or Part-Time Business To Add More Money To Your Investment Account. ► Byadding this extra income, you’ll cut years off your personal plan to wealth. Getting rich quicker is good, right?

Slide 5: Use People Leverage To Add More Money To Your Investment Account. ► Youcan turbocharge your journey to wealth by employing other people in your part-time business or by taking advantage of Network Marketing. Click this link for more info on The Truth of Network Marketing.

Slide 6: Buy Things That Appreciate. Don’t Buy Things That Depreciate. ► Stocks,mutual funds, and real estate appreciate over time. That means your money is working for you. ► Stereos, fancy clothes, automobiles, and big screen televisions depreciate over time. That means you are going backwards – that you are losing money. That’s not the way to get rich.

Slide 7: Own Your Own Home. ► Renters and Homeowners both make payments every month. You won’t get rich collecting rent receipts. You get rich by owning a real estate.

Slide 8: Get A Good Tax Accountant. ► You want to minimize your taxes so that you’ll have more money working for you in your investment account. You want to minimize your taxes so that you’ll have more money working for you in your investment account. Your Tax Accountant can show you ways to reduce, defer or eliminate taxes on your investments. Click this link for more info on How to Minimize your Taxes By Working at Home.

Slide 9: Avoid Debt Some types of debt are good. An example would be the ► mortgage on your home (assuming you bought a home within your means). This is debt on an appreciating asset. Most debts are bad because you are paying interest on that ► debt. Paying interest is having your money work against you. It is robbing your investment fund of valuable capital that could be used to work for you. Worst of all is paying interest on a depreciating asset such ► as an automobile or stereo. Not only are you losing money by paying interest, but the item you are paying for is also losing value at the same time. That is what’s called a “double whammy”

Slide 10: Start Young – Or As Young As You Can That means start Now!!! ► Let time work for you, not against you. The younger your ► investment fund grows, the more money you’ll have. Even if you invest very conservatively, time and the magic of compound interest will serve you well. The past is past. You can’t redesign your past. However, you can ► design your future. So start designing your future today. Ten years from now will ► arrive whether you start saving and investing or not. The choice of what you’ll say ten years from now depends on what you do today.

Slide 11: Protect Your Investment Fund By Reducing Risk. What good is it to save your money, only to lose it later on a ► speculative risk? It’s better to have a lower return and all of your investment fund than a higher return and sleepless nights worrying about your money. Certainly all investments have some risk. You’ll want to keep ► your risk to a minimum while looking out for good returns. You can invest your extra money monthly in a mutual fund, in ► real estate, to reduce your personal mortgage, or even in your own part-time or full-time business. Your investment risks decrease with knowledge.

Slide 12: Have Patience ► Your Investment fund won’t grow rapidly overnight. Consistent investing will give you good returns in the long term. Example, when is the best time to invest in stocks? The obvious answer is to invest at the beginning of a long bull market (rising prices). ► Investors who have become rich in stocks have invested over a long time. That includes up markets and down markets.

Slide 13: Handle Your Finances Like An Adult ► How do four-year-olds handle money? Do four- year-olds use their allowance wisely – or do they spend it quickly on something they want? Usually they insist on spending their allowance the same day they receive it. Saving or creating an Investment fund is the furthest thing in their mind. ► Ifyou handle your money like a four-year-old, you’ll have the savings account of a four-year-old.

Slide 14: Don’t Worry About Inflation ►Inflation will occur whether you save money or not. So why not save money? You’ll like inflation a lot better when you have a large savings account.

Slide 15: Can’t Seem To Find Any Money To Start Your Investment Program? Try this. Now I’m not asking you to budget. I’m only going to ask you ► to keep track of where your money goes for 30 days. Here is what you do. ► Take a blank register from your check book. Simply record every expense, every dollar you spend for one entire month. Write down when you buy a pack of gum, a pack of cigarettes, a soda, when you pay the VISA bill, when you buy that sandwich or movie ticket. ► At the end of the month, review your register. Look at all the miscellaneous expenditures you made that could have been turned into investment dollars. ► Will you do this? Only if you are serious about becoming rich. ► I’ve seen people who earn $10,000 make regular contributions to their investment fund. I’ve also seen people earning $100,000 a year spend $110,000 a year and go bankrupt. ► Saving money has nothing to do with how much money you make. It has everything to do with personal commitment.

Slide 16: And Now It’s Up To You. ► Now that you know the rule, your personal wealth is not dependent on chance. You can make the choice to be rich, to retire wealthy, and to have the time of you life! ======== Here’s some of our FREEBIES and Personal Guarantee: Join and start your own Homebiz and get a FREE - 3day/2night ► lifetime vacation incentive every single year. ► And if you will not double you investment in 6 months we will give you this for FREE. 8day/7night Dream Vacation (1000 destinations). See next slides for more details. ► You lose nothing but gain more.

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Slide 19: A CT N OW ! Ge t Mo re FREEBIES and Ge t RICH - W it ho ut W inning T he Lo t t e ry! Click H e re .

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