12 Things Everyone Ought to Know About The LIFO® Method

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[View FULL Article] 1. Using the LIFO® method can help you be a more effective performer at work;

2.It deals with your style of behaviour – which you can learn to adjust; and not your fundamental personality – which you probably can’t;

3. Understanding someone’s style preferences allows us to infer – and work with their likely associated values, needs and beliefs;

4. The LIFO® method enables us to identify if our preferred style in normal circumstances is different from how we behave under pressure or in conflict;

5. There’s no such thing as a “good” profile of behavioural style – all of us can use all the behaviours when we need to;

6. However, most people have developed a preference for a specific behavioural pattern over a long period of time, probably because it has worked well for them in the past;

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