11 Tips On How To Make Your Home Safe During Yuletide Season

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Christmas Tree

1. Decide on where to place the Christmas tree. Do not sacrifice safety for beauty.

2. A corner of the room, the top of a table or any place that does not obstruct passageways is a good place.

3. Keep it away from flammable materials.

4. To prevent it from falling, fasten your Christmas tree carefully or prop it with earth, sand, gravel or big stones.

5. Hang heavy toys near the base to protect Christmas tree from falling. Lighter toys may be placed above heavy ones.

6. After the Christmas season, stash away toys in boxes, properly labelled, and keep them away from highly flam­mable materials.

7. After Yuletide, keep X'mas packages in proper place where they don't pose a hazard.

Electric Wiring

1. Use cords that are properly insulated.

2. Electrical wirings should be installed away from the reach of children. Hang cords or multi-mini colored light bulbs above and away from passage of people.

3. Never touch live wires and sockets with wet hands. You may be electrocuted.

4. In case of electrical fire, immediately pull down general or main switch

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