9 Tips On How To Raise "SUPER BRIGHT" Children

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1. Space the children's birth. Anything less three years apart means trouble for the older child because the mother must devote most of her attention to the younger child, and it's the mother who contributes most to a child's early development.

2. Let the children explore. When a child is seven months old, make the home absolutely safe and turn him loose to explore. This enables the child to make discoveries and encourages the child to learn.

3. Keep toys available. Educational toys help child learn and keep him from getting too bored.

4. Respond to trouble or frustration. When your child is frustrated or has a problem, he will go to you for help. Be quick to respond and identify with what he is in­terested in rather than trying to focus his interest on what you want him to learn.

5. Relate words to objects. For example, if your child shows you a ball, ask him to 'roll the ball' to you and demonstrate. Such games help expand a child's voca­bulary.

6. Do not rely on TV as a baby-sitter. Maintain a personal relationship with your child. A mother should spend at least half of her child's waking hours with him — not hovering over him, but on hand and showing him an interest in what he is doing.

7. Don't cage your child in a playpen. A child bores quickly and nothing is more boring than long periods of playpen confinement.

8. Learn to say 'no.' Be alert to curb your child's natural mischief-making tendencies. Set realistic limits on his behavior and stick to them.

9. Don't force toilet training too early. It will create a gap between you. By the age of two, most children are ready to accept toilet training as a lesson rather than punishment.

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