8 Tips On Steam Inhalation

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To a patient in bed:
1. Covet his hair with a towel and adjust the bedclothes to avoid chilling. Provide him with a handkerchief or towel with which to wipe his face.

2. Adjust an open-umbrella covered with a blanket over the patient's head to form a tent with an open air space in front.

3. If desired, pour the medication into a weighted can or glass jar and place the jar inside the kettle. The level of the steaming water in the kettle should be lower than the top of the jar or can.

4. Put one of the funnels over the spout end open top of the kettle and the other end to a suitable height under the tent. Direct the steam toward the top of the tent and away from the patient's face.

5. Change the water often enough to maintain the steam. An electric or charcoal stove may keep the contents of kettle steaming gently,

6. Keep watch over the patient during the treatment.

7. Give the inhalation for the duration ordered by the doc­tor. (Usually an inhalation lasts from 5 to 30 minutes).

8. Remove the equipment. Wipe the patient's face and adjust him to comfortable position. The patient must remain in a warm room for about an hour after the treatment to avoid chilling.

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