13 Easy Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life over 40

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[View FULL Article] When I hit the number 40, I was stunned. 40 years old! I felt I was so old. Then I looked in the mirror. Nah I’m not that old. It’s more like being more mature than getting older.

The next day, I took some time to sit and think. And I made a list of what I’ll be doing with the newly age.

Now it’s been a few years from that day. And I feel healthy and totally happy. People ask me how I manage it.

Here are what I told them:

1. Accept it. Aging is part of life. You need to accept it and stop denying, saying that you’re on you early 30 or even 20 something. Yet, don’t feel bad about it. People on their 40s are more interesting, more confident and mostly wise. Keep that in mind.
2. Yet, let your enthusiasm be more than those aged of 20. Be 20 at heart. People say that life begins at 40. So, don’t kill your enthusiasm, your passion. Do things that you have been wishing to do but didn’t have the chance to. Aging doesn’t mean you cannot do anything.
3. Maintain your regular exercise. It helps you keep your joints elastic, strengthen your immune system, reduce heart attack risk, boost your blood circulation, and many other benefits.

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