2 Basic Tips On How To Control Body Odor

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Occasionally, one finds that general sweating is caused by some disorder such as obesity, toxic goiter, an allergy, an exhausting illness, or abnormality of the ner­vous system. When excessive sweating occurs at night, some disease such as tuberculosis or undulant fever may be the cause.

Body odor is not caused by sweat at all, however, but by the ever-present bacteria of the skin breaking down the odorless secretion from the glands as it forms on your skin. Odor results when the perspiration mixes with these natural bacteria and the decomposed material is allowed to stay there.

Here are two basic tips on how to control body odor:

1. Personal cleanliness and regular bathing is the first step towards controlling both bacterial growth on the skin and body odor. A shower, in which you use plenty of warm, running water provides the best method of clean­sing. If you rub yourself well after a bath, fresh oil will flow from the oil glands to keep your "skin soft and smooth. Try to wear clothing which lets air cir­culate and perspiration evaporate, rather than accumulates late on your skin.

2. The second step is to harness scientific inventiveness and use a commercial preparation. You can either try to impede bacterial action, or to actually reduce the sec­retion of perspiration.

Perfumes and colognes are cooling, harmless and pleasant. Deodorants and deodorant soaps are useful in simply controlling odor, but they don't remove bacte­ria. A deodorant preparation is no substitute for per­sonal cleanliness.

Anti-perspirant preparations are intended to impede bacterial action and cut down the secretion of perspira­tion. No anti-perspirant will completely stop perspi­ration, for to stop it completely would result in serious skin disorders.

You can generally get sound advice from your Che­mist or doctor, on the best types to use.

Some people are more concerned with profuse sweat­ing of hands and feet. If this is related to emotional stress, then control of the tension will slow down the sweating. If you have excessive perspiration problems, have a word with your doctor.

An understanding of what your sweat glands are,. and how they function should help you cope sensibly with perspiration, which is everyone's personal problem.

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