16 Tips On How To Keep From Getting Bored (For Women)

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1. Watch television less. Too much of the tube feeds boredom and restlessness. Set aside evenings away from the television set to go to a movie, play tennis or be with friends.

2. Take a break from your routine. Hire a baby-sitter, for example, and go lunch with friends of yours — or go shopping for bargains. Go out to dinner with your hus­band.

3. Keep in touch with your friends and relatives; Every­body needs human contact. Invite a neighbor of yours for coffee, or call up a friend whom you haven't recent­ly heard from.

4. At work, find friends among co-workers and give your­self breaks to chat with them — or invite them to your home for dinner.

5. If you enjoy reading, read more. You'll find new atti­tudes and new possibilities for your life.

6. Where possible, change your routine. Do your Thurs­day chores on Wednesday — and vice versa — and while you're busy at your tasks, listen to music.

7. Give yourself a "private hour" each day to do only what you want — read, re-do your hair, polish your nails or just sit quietly and think.

8. Try to see the funny side of life. Laughter is the best tonic for boredom. The more you laugh, the less bored you'll be.

9. Upset or change your routine. A leading cause of bore­dom is sticking to a needlessly humdrum behavior or work pattern. The very routine that promotes comfort and saves you time, effort and money also promotes boredom. Many women allow routine to become their master, instead of their slave. If you go to the market at seven in the morning, why not do it at ten? Let the house stay dirty and untidy for one day and go out to see a movie or visit a friend. Make a change — even if it is only in the way you comb your hair:

10. Vary your home setting. A home should have an occa­sional face-lifting and this can be done without any cost. Change the position of the chairs. If you have. curtains at the windows, remove them and use plants instead. If you have a porch, serve meals there instead of in the dining room or kitchen.

11. Change your recreation. Recreation or a hobby should be something you like to do, not something you feel you ought to do because your husband or your children or some other people like it.

12. Approach your job creatively. Repetitious chores are not necessarily boring if you keep your mind active while engaged in them. Thus, while you are cleaning and dusting, devise ways and means to do the work better or shorten the time in doing them. We are being creative when we discover something new to us.

13. Watch your appearance. Pride in their personal ap­pearance saves many women from boredom. Keep your­self attractive with a new hair-do (which can create the greatest change in a woman's appearance), by being al­ways neat and tidy even in old clothes, by doing your best to keep from becoming fat.

14. Relax — don't be tense. When you are bored, your tendency is to get away from what bores you and unable to do this, you become tense. For example: you hate to do the laundry and try to postpone it but you think of the consequences when you fail to wash and iron your husband's work clothes and the children's school clothes, so you force yourself to do the chores. You are tense while working, so you do the job badly or do it in a longer time. Why not just relax and take it easy?

15. Have more family fun. Most mothers who are bored by the task of caring for their small children try to get away from them. The solution is to include children in your fun. Take the baby along when you visit neighbors or relatives. Ask your husband and your children to help you with the household chores. Go out as a family, even if it is only to walk down the street.

16. Cultivate new friendships. You can't be bored if you are generally interested in other people. When you go to the market, talk with the vendors you do not know. You may "know" all the people in your small town or in your immediate neighborhood, but you do not know what they like or dislike, what they think of this or that. Conversing with them may mean really knowing them.

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