15 Tips On Preventing Accidents In Buildings

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1. Promptly wipe up spills, leaks, tracked-in water to pre­vent slips and fall.

2. Keep oil off floors.

3. Replace worn tiles, refasten loose floor moldings and, in case of ripped carpeting, place a temporary patch until it can be repaired.

4. Use care in mixing detergents, germicides and cleaners to avoid splashing in eyes and in skin.

5. Don't just mix products. For example, bleach and am­monia can create dangerous chlorine gas.

6. Don't use products for purposes other than those that are designed for. Examples: Never use a furniture po­lish to touch up floor since it would create a very slip­pery spot. General purpose germicidal cleaners should not be used on food containers. Keep insect control sprays away from food and food containers.

7. Mix all products according to recommended usage. Don't be tempted to improve performance by increasing solu­tion strength. Some products, such as those containing phenols, can cause skin irritation when used improperly.

8. Immerse in water to prevent fire such as steel wool or rags wet with flammable finishes or other such pro­ducts.

9. Avoid careless placement of tools and equipment. Keep free of traffic areas.

10. Ground electric cords while operating floor machines, vacuums and other electrical appliances.

11. Before using electrical appliances and equipment, check for frayed wires, loose plugs and connections.

12. Use an adequate-size ladder when cleaning; likewise, make sure the ladder footing is secure to avoid falls.

13. Get help when moving heavy or over-sized objects.

14. Check light fixtures daily. Dim or dark areas can be hazardous.

15. Check automatic doors periodically for proper function and to avoid obstruction.

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