5 Tips On Avoiding Car Thefts

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Sometimes its our fault that our car was broken into by a theft. I have listed five helpful tips that in a way can help avoid these events. Its a basic tip but sometimes we forget these little things. Here are some tips to be able to avoid car thefts.

1. Remove the keys from the ignition when a car is parked. Even a child can start a car if the keys are in the ignition. Another variation to this tip is dont leave your car running when a child is present because he/she might put find a way to make your car move.

2. Lock the doors whenever the car is left unattended, if only for a few minutes. Once entrance is gained, anyone with a few tools who knows how to "jump the lock" can start the ignition in seconds.

3. Close the windows all the way. Hooks can be used through a partially open window to release the lock.

4. Conceal valuables either in the locked trunk or away from view. Someone intending to steal valuables in open sight may end up stealing the car. This is the most important tip out of the five I mentioned. If you put something valuable that car their can see when they walk by, it gives them a motive to break your window. Even if you have a purse that has nothing inside, keep them under the car seat.

5. Leave cars in well-lighted and unsecluded areas. Isolated settings invite trouble. This is just common sense but sometimes we forget about this.e.

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