20 Ways to Promote your Site for under 10 Bucks

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[View FULL Article] So, you’ve started your online business but now you’re not quite sure how to get the word out that you exist. The old adage is it takes money to make money, and you can certainly spend a lot of it promoting your site. Not all of us are rolling in cash right out the gate though, so luckily there are many ways to promote your site with a very limited cash flow. With that in mind, we recently scowered the web and compiled a list of the following 20 ways to promote your site for less than $10.00.

Participate in a review exchange with an established blog
One of the best ways to promote your site, especially if it’s a blog, is to participate in a review exchange. Many of the larger blogs are realizing the benefits of linkbacks and are offering contests and reoccurring features that allow anyone to submit a review in exchange for a link. Not only will visitors drop by as a result of this type of promotion, but you’ll also improve your Google PageRank by having your site featured on a respected blog. We’ve tried this out twice now with John Chow, and have added several subscribers as a result.
Examples: Review My Blog, Blog Review Roundup, Consultant Blog Reviews

Have your site reviewed by an active forum community
Many large web forum communities have places where you can post a link to your blog and have others check it out for you. Not only will you get some advice on your site design, you might also get some new subscribers as well.
Examples: Digital Point Forum Reviews, WebDeveloper.com Website Reviews

Submit your site to search engines
This may seem obvious, but a lot of sites don’t do it. You can wait and hope Google, Yahoo, MSN et al. parse your site on their own, or you can make sure they will by submitting it yourself. Also, it also doesn’t hurt to use Google Sitemap to give the engines an idea of what your site has to offer. It’s as easy as a plugin install with Wordpress.
Examples: Google, Yahoo, MSN

Add comments to other sites
Almost every blog out there these days has an option for submitting a URL when you add a comment. If you write meaningful comments on blogs in your niche, you will start getting traffic directly targeted at your posts. When in doubt toss a flame out
Examples: Almost any blog, including this one

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