6 Tips On Avoiding Dips or Hooks

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1. Don't flash bills or carry loose money in pocket. This is just plain common sense, if they see that you have lots of money, then they will see you as a potential victim to pickpocket.

2. Carry wallet in your inside coat pocket (men) or at bottom of purse (women). What I usually do I have some lots of cash with me when I am traveling is that I distribute my money. I put some of my money in my bags, others in my other pockets, that way if I got snatched, I wont loose all of my money. I still still have some emergency fund in my other luggages. "Don't put your eggs in one basket"

3. Be suspicious of anyone who jostles you unnecessarily. Sometimes they work in tandem, one is entertaining you or making you focus on something and the other is trying to pick pocket you.

4. If you realize your pocket has just been picked, scream. Hook will usually drop wallet and run. Sometimes this is a bad idea. It really depends on the situation. So try to have your presence of mind.

5. Remember, the pickpocket depends on your inattention for his success. Be wary of crowds.

6. Keep large quantities of cash in bank, don't keep it on your person. Remember, the dip or hook will try to distract you while robbing you, covering up his own actions by reading a paper or book. Fairs, crowds, buses.trains and subways are their stamping ground.

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