8 Tips For First-Time Mothers

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1. Do keep up a life of your own. Take your baby-sit­ing with you while he's small. Or have Grandma or Auntie baby-sit for you. Your baby is better off with a happy mother than a bored, housetied one.

2. Don't treat his sleep time as creeping about time or you'll just train him to wake at the least sound.

3. Make full use of the family planning services. It's bad for both you and your baby if you have another one too soon.

4. Never waste time pot training in the first year because a baby hasn't conscious control of bladder and bowels until he's 15 months.

5. Be relaxed about -weight gain. There's no need to weigh him regularly, except for curiosity, unless the doctor says otherwise.

6. Don't keep trying different brands of dried milk if your baby has feeding problems. The trouble is more likely to be how the feed is given. Ask your pediatrician.

7.Be prepared for emotional reactions from your family. Husbands can suffer jealously of a new baby. Grand­parents, too, can be difficult!

8. Don't be made miserable by these reactions. Talk about your feelings honestly with the people you love, to sort things out.

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