Tips for New Bloggers: Chat Box, Shout Box and Google Talk

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[View FULL Article] The chat box you see on the left sidebar is one of the many FREE interactive tools you can get for your blogs. Call them what you like – tagboard, message board, chat box, chatter box, message box, shout box – they have one thing in common i.e., promoting interaction by allowing your visitors to leave messages or chat with one another. While it is true that your visitors can leave comments on the individual posts, there may be occasions when they have something to say that does not relate to the posts. A chat box will come in handy.

There are quite a number of service providers but we shall comment on the few that we think you can consider trying out. You can search the web for more. The key factors that we looked out for are simple configuration, nice colors and design, guard against comment spam, and ease of use. You may see advertisements in the free plans, but they are usually not that obtrusive and you can probably live with that. These providers may offer paid services as well, with extra features or bigger storage space for your messages. Our advice is to start off with their free service and monitor the usage of your chat box before upgrading your basic plan.

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Tips for New Bloggers: Chat Box, Shout Box and Google Talk

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