Adding Bookmarking In Your Blog Post

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I found this hack at Hans . This cool hack adds a social bookmarking to your blog. It allows your visitor to bookmark your post if they like it so much for easy acess. How wonderful is that!

Just follow the step-by-step directions below:

1. Backup your current beta blogger template

2. Go to Edit HTML under Template

3. Expand Widgets

4. Search for HEAD tag. You will find it in the first 20 lines in HTML

5. Step 1: Add the following code to the head of your template

<script src=''.>

6) Find the following line of code in your template

< class="'post-footer-line">

7. Replace it with this file. download file and open in notepad. Copy and paste over that line.

You are Done. Enjoy!

Take a look at the bottom of this post. Hover your mouse over the Social Bookmarks displayed there. So you see, all of the post here i usually try it myself and then i try to share my experience to others.

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