Tips On How To Add Statistics To Your Blog

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Analysing the behavior of your blog visitors plays a crucial role in improving your blog. If you want to study the behavior of your visitors, then you might want to read more about this article. Below I listed some of the services that you might want to use to enable web analysis.

The simplest way to analyze the your web server logs. There are various tools available that can simplify this task. Most of them require you to embed a small piece of JavaScript code on your pages.

Listed below are some of the popular analytics tools available:

Google Analytics
Google purchased a company called Urchin in 2005 and this went on to become Google Analytics. Google Analytics is available for free and provides an extensive toolkit to analyze your web traffic. One disadvantage is the fact that the statistics are not in real-time. I personally use it in my blogs and website.

Google Analytics does not require you to put any banners instead all you need to do is to embed a small piece of JavaScript on your site/blog.


StatCounter is another popular analytics web tracker software that does not require you to put an image/icon/banner on your site. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page or blog and you will be able to analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time! They provide a free as well as a paid service depending on your website traffic.


If you have a blog, you must have encountered MyBlogLog! Its a great community to register. They have a widget wherein if your visitor is also part of the MyBLog Community, his avatar will be logged in to the widget. Kinda like a guestbook thing. MyBlogLog provides statistical reports for bloggers. This comes in two variants — Free and Pro. The statistics are text based, at least for the free version. The Pro version costs $3 per month or $25 for a year.


If you want cool looking graphs, try HiStats!! You need to embed a small image counter on your site for tracking purposes but they have an invisible counter if you dont want to put their image/banner on your site. Their service is free and real time, but provides detailed statistics for the last 1000 visits only.


Site Meter
Site Meter comes in two editions. A Free version and a Premium version that starts at $6.95/month. The pricing details for the premium version is shown below:

If you want to just use the free version of SiteMeter, you are required to put a small image on your site unlike other services.


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