Tips On How To Avoid Being Penalized By Google

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Recently Google banned MasterNewMedia a PR7 blog from its search engine results. The author is still not clear about the reason for this worst nightmare.

Robin says that around 16,000 master new media blog posts have been penalized and removed from Google search result pages. Till last week the blog was at number one position in Google search results for the terms like “Independent publishers” now rank 504 in search results.

Author previously said that the reason for this penalty was Text Link Ads and some hidden text on blog, but in his latest post he says that there may be some other reasons like “Spam comments left on articles for long time or multiple domains pointing to same IP creating duplicate content”.

Author Robin is suffering many losses at the same time like, loss of $4000 of Adsense revenue, $3000 of Text link add revenue and mainly traffic loss of around 1/4 from 16,000 per day to merely 3000 a day. He can’t even pay the office and staff bills dues due to this disaster.

As I said this could be the worst nightmare for any independent publisher. If you don’t want to get penalized by Google take some lessons from Robins mistakes (May be some mistakes) . Follow strictly the Webmaster quality guidelines given by search engines like Google. After all Google is our bread and butter.


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